The risk of slip and falls, and other accidents plague workers in the food industry. In fact, slip and falls were found to be the highest in certain types of food-related industries, including the retail, storage and food processing sectors. Overall, the study found that the risk of injuries was highest for food workers across all sectors, except for food service. This is something our South Florida slip and fall attorneys know well.

The researchers analyzed the injury risk for workers in a number of different sectors, including the food production, food processing, food distribution, storage and retail sectors. According to the researchers, food workers have a risk of severe injuries that is more than twice as high as for non-food workers. Further, they had an occupational disease risk that was 9.5 times higher than for workers outside the food industry. Severe injuries are defined as injuries that require the worker to take time off from work.

When food workers slip and fall, they could suffer from spinal cord injuries that have serious short and long-term effects. The blow from the fall could fracture or dislocate vertebrae. Spinal cord injury treatment may include surgeries, prescription medications, and lengthy rehabilitation therapy. Victims of the most serious spinal cord injuries require extensive care and often must learn to adjust to permanent disability. If you or someone you love has sustained a spinal cord injury in south Florida due to another person’s negligence, it’s imperative to speak at once with an experienced Palm Beach slip and fall attorney.

A serious, longterm injury can be the result of any damage to the vertebrae. After the injury, inflammation and swelling can cause additional damage. The full spinal cord is composed of vertebrae, nerve cells, soft tissue, and groups of nerves called tracts, which are critical to motor and sensory functions. When these groups of nerves are injured, the results can be devastating and tragic. Spinal cord injuries can permanently keep you from returning to work, and you may require lifelong treatment that can eventually cost several million dollars. A good slip and fall attorney will aggressively seek the maximum possible compensation and will not advise you to settle for insufficient reimbursement.

Being injured in a slip and fall workplace accident can be a traumatic experience and cause a great deal of worry for you and your loved ones.  Your health, your rights, and your family are your top priorities during a time like this. If you or a loved one has sustained a serious injury as a result of a slip and fall accident anywhere in south Florida due to the negligence of someone else, seek the services of an experienced Palm Beach premises liability lawyer immediately. A good slip and fall lawyer can evaluate the specifics of your case and explain your legal options to you clearly. You may be able to recover immediate and future medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, punitive damages and more. If you are dealing with a spinal cord injury, it’s even more important that you make the call to speak with our premises liability lawyers now.