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Category: Wrongful Death

Proving Fault in a West Palm Beach Wrongful Death Case
In the West Palm Beach area, the state allows beneficiaries to file for a wrongful death claim if the person died as a result of another party’s negligence or harmful [...]
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Are Wrongful Death Settlements Taxable?
If you have recently been awarded a wrongful death settlement in Florida or are in the process of filing a lawsuit, then you’ll want to know if your financial compensation [...]
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How Can a West Palm Beach Wrongful Death Attorney Help Me?
Legal action may not be the first thing you think of following the death of a loved one. However, if your loved one has passed as a result of negligence [...]
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The Process of a Wrongful Death Case
A wrongful death claim is filed by the decedent’s personal representative, often the beneficiary of the will. The claim is brought against the defendant that caused the death either through [...]
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Who Can File for Wrongful Death in Florida?
It is always difficult to lose a loved one. When the death of your loved one is a result of another person’s negligence or wrongful actions then you may be [...]
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