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The Role of a West Palm Beach Slip and Fall Attorney
If you’ve found yourself a victim of a slip and fall injury in West Palm Beach, then you should consider enlisting the help of an attorney. An experienced slip and [...]
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Urgent Care Centers in West Palm Beach
An urgent care center can provide a convenient option if you get sick or injured outside of your doctor’s regular office hours. Urgent care centers are a great option for [...]
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Injured Motorists, Florida PIP Law, And The 14-Day Rule
Some motorists in Florida may not be aware of changes to the state’s Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance laws that took effect in 2013 and may impact their ability to [...]
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Infographic – A Look Into Palm Beach County Traffic Statistics
Did you know that as of April 14, 2016, there has been a total of 5,368 collisions in Palm Beach County? Or that these crashes have resulted in a total of [...]
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Infographic – U.S. Personal Injury Statistics
Every year in the United States, over 31 million individual injuries require a doctor’s attention. Traffic accidents are responsible for half of all individual injuries, and six million collisions happen every year [...]
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DUI And Injuries: Who Suffers The Most?
Who actually pays the highest price for the tragedies caused by drunk drivers? Far too often in Florida and across the United States, it’s other drivers, their passengers, and innocent [...]
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The Most Common Causes For Truck Accidents
If you are injured in a trucking accident, the questions of who is liable and what actually caused the accident can be much more complicated than those questions would be [...]
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How Florida’s Patient Compensation Fund Could Change Medical Malpractice
What happens if you become a victim of medical malpractice in the state of Florida? You might take your case to a West Palm Beach medical malpractice attorney who will [...]
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How Florida Drivers Could Save $1 Billion
In 2013, changes to Florida’s Personal Injury Protection (PIP) law were supposed to help prevent insurance fraud, but instead those changes have ended up hurting accident victims. The current Florida [...]
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Insomnia, Health, and Personal Injury
Working Americans don’t get enough sleep. Insomnia significantly affects about one in five adults in the United States, but more than a third of us experience some symptoms of insomnia [...]
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