Should You Have A Living Will?

Should You Have A Living WillEach and every person has plans and dreams for the present and the future. People usually think about things they would like to do as well as things they would like to help others do. The interesting fact is that people rarely contemplate what will happen if they fail to realize their dreams or if in one way another they are unable to speak or act.

Therefore, to overcome such situations, a living will which (also known as the health care directive) was developed about a half-century ago to take care of these unforeseeable circumstances. Every state now has such directives to ensure every individual has control over his or her life when they are no longer able to make their own health care decisions.

A growing misconception about a living will is that many people tend to think it’s only meant for those who are extremely sick or those who have attained the senior citizen age (elderly folks). They don’t realize that a will is for every person who is over the age of 18, since unforeseen events such as accidents- which render one unable to talk or in a coma- may happen. However, to avoid the regrets that may follow after that, it’s necessary to have a living will in place to take care of your health, especially in such dire situations.

Major reasons why you should have a living will include:

  1. A living will protect someone when they can no longer communicate.
    This is the main advantage of writing a living will as it will protect you when you are not able to speak about how you desire to be treated. In the event that one is incapacitated, terminally ill, in a coma or in any other situation in which he/ she cannot communicate their wishes, the medical professionals take charge and make decisions on their behalf.
  2. Prevents major arguments that may arise among family members.
    In a living will, one indicates clearly how they want to be treated and since a living will is a legal document then the rules stated are followed strictly. However, where there is no living will, the decisions fall on the hands of your family members. If they fail to come to an agreement, quarrels among your loved ones may erupt, though this could have been avoided by a simple living will.
  3. Gives one control over the medical treatments and procedures.
    The doctors usually follow what is indicated in the will. Therefore, your desires, preferences and wishes are fulfilled.
  4. It reduces potentially unwanted medical bills on your family.
    Some people would prefer to die rather than live in a vegetative state or in a coma while on life-support machines for long periods of time, as that may create intensive financial pressure on their loved ones.
  5. Gives one peace of mind.
    There is remarkable feeling that comes with writing a will knowing that everything you desire will be taken care of no matter the situation.

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