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Palm Beach Police Brutality AttorneyIf you are a victim of excessive force, false arrest, hate speech, or malicious prosecution by a law enforcement officer in Palm Beach County or anywhere in Florida state, speak right away to a Palm Beach Police Brutality Lawyer at the Law Offices of Thomas J. Lavin. You could receive compensation for your suffering, your lost freedom, and the emotional distress you endured at the hands of Florida law enforcement officers. Our attorneys have helped clients recover damages for their injuries throughout our 30 years of police brutality practice.


Civil rights have come a long way, but unfortunately, there is still work to be done when it comes to police misconduct. When an officer engages in misconduct, not only does it violates the victim’s civil rights, but it also leads to potential injuries that could be serious and life-threatening.

Police officers are trained to only use force in proportion to the situation that is developing. That means they should not be using  force against someone who is not resisting arrest or acting aggressive or violent towards law enforcement. If the use of excessive force results in a physical injury or even the death of a loved one, you could be entitled to receive compensation. Contact a Palm Beach police brutality attorney as soon as possible to begin reviewing your case.

Some cases of police misconduct involve the unnecessary use of a taser. Although many people believe that tasers cannot inflict serious harm, the truth is that when these weapons are used excessively, the result could be fatal. Police officers may also use a gun when the situation does not warrant it. Law enforcement is trained to not use a gun unless it is the absolute last resort or they are forced to defend themselves against violent behavior. However, some police officers intentionally or mistakenly use a gun when it is not necessary to do so. If a police officer injures you or kills a loved one as a result of wrongfully using a weapon, you may be entitled to compensation for lost wages, medical expenses and pain and suffering. Contact a Palm Beach police brutality attorney to review your case and discuss your legal options.

The final type of police misconduct comes when a law enforcement officer wrongfully arrests or detains you. Police officers do not have the authority to arrest whoever they want. They must have probable cause and reasonable suspicion to legally arrest or detain someone–even if it’s just for a few minutes. If you were placed in prison or jail in an unjustified situation, contact a Palm Beach police brutality attorney to fight back against this civil rights violation.


If you have recently been a victim of police brutality, there are important steps that you should take. First, document any visible injuries that you may have and seek medical attention immediately. Even if you do not believe that you are injured, it’s best to see a doctor. When you have suffered from head trauma, for example, you may not notice symptoms right away. In fact, the symptoms may not appear until days later. However, a qualified medical professional will be able to determine whether you have head trauma right away. Avoid lingering, long-term issues by seeking treatment immediately.

When you do seek medical treatment, keep every piece of medical documentation that you receive. The medical records will be very useful later to show the extent of your injuries. Be sure to take pictures of your injury as soon as possible after the incident, and then everyday afterwards to show how the injury progressed.

If there were any witnesses at the scene, speak to them immediately. The longer that you wait to talk to a witness, the more that you risk that witness not remembering exactly what happened. After you speak to them, record their names and contact information so that your attorney will be able to get in touch with them at a later date.

Most importantly, speak to a Palm Beach police brutality lawyer immediately following an incident. Our lawyers will be able to conduct investigations, review the evidence, and put together a strong case against law enforcement. Work with our police brutality attorneys so you can defend your rights and fight to receive the maximum compensation available.


We have more than six decades of combined personal injury experience. We know how to obtain for you the compensation you need, and our record speaks for itself. We represent the victims of police brutality in Palm Beach County and across the state. When an experienced Palm Beach Police Brutality Lawyer at the Law Offices of Thomas J. Lavin defends you, we investigate the specifics of the police brutality incident, we identify the guilty, and we hold those persons responsible.

No one should treat police brutality lightly. Of all people, law enforcers must obey the law. Whether the police brutality you endured was an isolated instance or a series of incidents over time, we work on your behalf to win the compensation you need and the justice you deserve. You may receive compensation for physical injuries, for lost wages due to a false or illegal arrest, and for emotional suffering. We may also pursue punitive damages to deter the guilty from future police brutality incidents.


When our attorneys represent you in a police brutality claim, we keep you apprised as your case develops, and we seek the maximum possible compensation. We help you to understand how Florida’s personal injury laws impact your case, and we will never charge you a cent until you receive the compensation you deserve. If you happen to be a victim of police brutality anywhere in Florida, contact a knowledgeable Palm Beach Police Brutality Attorney at the Law Offices of Thomas J. Lavin. Call us at 561-557-4546, or complete the form on our Contact Page and schedule a free consultation.

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