Traditionally, “tourist season” in south Florida runs from January through Easter. While that tradition has faded somewhat in recent years as south Florida has become a year-round tourist destination, our spectacular winters still draws thousands of visitors every year. If you visit, please be careful; you can be injured in a variety of ways while traveling or enjoying your vacation. Airports are often crowded with rushing and anxious passengers toting heavy luggage – an ideal setting for catastrophic injuries. Private restaurants and bars – in airports and everywhere else – have a duty to provide a reasonably safe place for you to relax and enjoy meals and drinks. If they fail, and you are injured, you may be able to receive compensation for your medical expenses and related costs. If you’re injured at an airport, restaurant, or retail establishment while vacationing in south Florida, call and discuss your options at once with an experienced West Palm Beach premises liability attorney.

Airlines, cruise ships, and hotels all have a duty to provide reasonable safety. Tours and charter boats have the same legal obligation. If you rent a car during your vacation, make certain it is adequately insured through the rental agency or your own policy. Many people enjoy amusement parks, theme parks, and water parks while vacationing in Florida. Injuries on defective rides at these parks are not infrequent. Hundreds each year suffer back, neck, and head injuries from amusement park accidents. If you’re injured at any Florida theme park, speak with a good premises liability lawyer immediately.

Those injured on amusement park rides have several available legal options. Sometimes accidents at amusement parks are caused by defective equipment. A security bar on a ride, for instance, may unlatch without warning and cause someone to fall out. When defective equipment leads to injury or death, a product liability claim can be pursued against the ride’s manufacturer. In these cases, plaintiffs must offer proof that the equipment was defective and that the defect directly caused the injury or death.

If an injury or death at an amusement park is the result of the inattention or careless acts of management or employees, the claim is negligence. An attraction is legally responsible for its employees’ actions; injured victims may sue a theme park for employee negligence. Negligence may include failure to alert riders to a ride’s risks; failure to adequately train operators or maintain equipment; or neglecting to protect riders with safety bars, seat belts, or flotation devices (for water rides). Of course, if you don’t obey posted rules and end up injured, a park will use your disregard for the rules in their defense against your claim.

If you are injured during your Florida vacation because another person acted negligently, you have the right to receive compensation for your medical treatment and related long-term expenses. Vacations are supposed to be fun, but if an injury happens, get the legal help you really need and speak at once with an experienced West Palm Beach premises liability attorney.