According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, teenage drivers are as much as 70% more likely to file a car accident claim, compared to drivers in other age categories. There are a number of reasons why teen drivers are at a high risk of accidents. This group of drivers is younger, inexperienced, and also more impulsive. These drivers are also more susceptible to peer pressure, which may cause them to try out dangerous driving practices like speeding, or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

One drug that is popular among teen drivers is marijuana. In fact, researchers from Columbia University examined toxicology reports from 24,000 fatal accidents in the year 2010. Marijuana contributed to 12 percent of the fatalities, a 300 percent increase from only a decade earlier. Marijuana is being identified as a cause of more traffic accidents as more states act to legalize medical and recreational marijuana use. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that younger drivers are more likely to drive stoned on marijuana. In a 2010 NHTSA survey, one out of eight high school seniors admitted to driving after smoking marijuana. Nearly a quarter of the drivers killed in marijuana-related crashes were under age 25, and almost half of the fatally injured drivers who tested positive for marijuana were under age 25. The NHTSA also found that 4 percent of all drivers are stoned on marijuana during daylight hours, 6 percent are stoned at night, and the nighttime figure jumps to 12 percent on holiday and weekend nights.

When you are involved in an accident with a teen driver, whether the drive was under the influence of marijuana, alcohol or just driving recklessly, you can go ahead and file a claim for compensation with your own insurer. If the teen driver was at fault in the accident, you can also go ahead and file a claim against the teen’s ensure.

Teenagers are also expected to maintain car accident insurance, just like adults. Therefore, the insurance company will be expected to compensate you, when the teen driver causes an accident that results in damages to you.

The teenager’s parents are not automatically liable for an accident that the teenager causes. However, in some cases, you may be able to even hold the parents liable for your damages. Speak to a car accident lawyer in Palm Beach about how you can identify all the parties that are liable in your claim. For instance, if the teenager was driving the family car, or if the teenager had an earlier record of poor driving, and the parents allowed him to drive the family car any way, there may be grounds for you to file a claim.

In south Florida, if you’re injured in a traffic accident and the driver who injured you was a teen, an experienced Palm Beach car accident attorney may help you obtain compensation for your medical expenses, lost income, and more. A good car accident lawyer will assess the evidence, explain your legal options, safeguard your rights, and work for the maximum possible compensation. If you’re injured in any south Florida traffic accident with a teen, get the legal help you need at once and contact an experienced Palm Beach car accident attorney.