People that have been injured in a slip and fall situation at a grocery store or supermarket may not be aware of their legal rights. In Florida, with the help of a West Palm Beach slip and fall attorney, it is possible to take legal action to gain financial compensation for your expenses and suffering. Most people not only are unaware of their legal options, but also cannot tell if they have a valid claim. Here are some points to keep in mind regarding slip and fall cases at grocery stores.

Grocery Store Slip and Falls are Common

If you have fallen and injured yourself in a grocery store accident then you are not alone. With thousands of people shopping each day across the country, it’s inevitable that accidents will happen. Common causes of injuries in grocery stores include:

  • Slippery floors from product spills and leaks
  • Defective entry doors
  • Falling items from shelves
  • Improperly placed floor mats
  • Obstructions in aisle ways
  • Cracked pavement and flooring

Grocery stores have a legal obligation, known as a duty of care, to keep their visitors safe from undue harm. This means that simply falling in a store is not grounds for a lawsuit. The injured must be able to prove that there was an unsafe condition and the defendant was negligent.

Proving Your Slip and Fall Case

The burden of proof is on the injured to show that the grocery store breached their duty of care and caused the harm. It can be difficult to prove negligence. If you are involved in a slip and fall accident at a grocery store here are the steps you should take to help prove your case:

  1. Call for the manager. It’s important that the manager be notified immediately of the incident to witness the scene. For example, if you tripped on a pallet that was obstructing an aisle, then the manager should be called before the pallet is removed. Most stores require managers to fill out store incident reports. An incident report should include the time of the incident, the cause, and the customer’s contact information. If a lawsuit is filed, your attorney should be able to subpoena the report.
  2. Ask for medical help when necessary. Ask the manager to call 911 if necessary. The paramedics will file a report as well that can potentially be used in court.
  3. Witnesses and evidence. If there are any eyewitnesses to the incident be sure to ask for their contact information. Use your cell phone to take pictures of the scene exactly as it appears following the accident.
  4. Records and receipts. Keep records of your medical and therapy bills and receipts related to the injury. If you had to miss work due to the injury or doctor appointments, have your employer verify your missed wages.
  5. Consult with an attorney. It’s important to seek the advice of an experienced slip and fall attorney to review your case as soon as possible after the incident. They can help you determine if you have a valid claim and prove your case in court. Taking the steps above and working with a skilled slip and fall attorney will help ensure that you receive fair financial compensation for your injury.