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Drunk Driving Down, While Drugged Driving Rates Increase
As drugged driving rates across the country increase, the federal administration finds itself facing new safety challenges.
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What Can Florida Do To Reduce Distracted Driving Accidents?
As you are probably aware, traffic collisions are still a leading cause of death and serious injury in the United States. About 30,000 traffic accident fatalities happen every year, and [...]
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How Is Fault Determined In An Auto Accident?
The laws governing negligence and personal injury in the state of Florida are extensive and complicated, but they are based on one commonsense presumption – that someone who is responsible [...]
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Museums in West Palm Beach
Whether you’re a local looking for something exciting in your hometown or you’re planning a trip to the area, there is no shortage of fun museums and exhibits to visit [...]
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Does Florida Have A Statute Of Limitations For Personal Injury Cases?
In every state, in both civil and criminal law, there are laws called statutes of limitations. These laws are time limits designed to ensure that particular legal actions happen within [...]
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Can You Sue a Grocery Store for Slip and Fall?
People that have been injured in a slip and fall situation at a grocery store or supermarket may not be aware of their legal rights. In Florida, it is possible [...]
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What Is Negligent Supervision And How Can It Affect A Personal Injury Case Involving Your…
In a typical week during the school year, many children will spend more time at school than they spend with their parents. Parents expect that their children will be properly [...]
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What Is Reckless Conduct And How Can It Affect Your Case?
Reckless conduct is rather difficult to define, but we know it when we see it. If you are injured in south Florida by a reckless person – a reckless driver, [...]
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An Overview Of Workers’ Compensation Benefits In Florida
What happens if you’re injured on the job in Florida? Who qualifies for workers’ compensation? What does it provide? Is worker’s comp your only option if you’re injured on the [...]
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Depositions In Personal Injury Cases
Serious injuries can happen suddenly – to almost anyone at almost any time. Merely walking down the sidewalk, you could be severely injured by a reckless driver – or bitten [...]
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