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Florida’s Opioid Crisis: A Problem Going From Bad to Worse
The growing opioid crisis in Florida is a serious problem. You need assistance from an attorney that has experience with controlled substances cases.
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Florida’s Dog Bite Laws – Compensation For Your Injuries.
Dog bites in Florida are a bigger problem than you may think. If you have sustained a dog bite injury in Florida, call The Law Offices of Thomas J. Lavin [...]
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Hernia Mesh Complications. What You Should Know.
Hernia surgery is one of the most common medical operations in the country. In this article, we identify different adverse effects surgery patients may experience and available the legal remedies.
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8 Steps You Should Take After a Florida Auto Accident
Car accidents change or even end lives. Our team can guide you through the record building process to protect your right to receive full compensation for a car accident.
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3 Actionable Legal Remedies for Florida Sexual Assault Victims
Sexual assaults have dominated the national headlines in recent weeks. If you have been the victim of a sexual assault, contact The Law Offices of Thomas J. Lavin right away.
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More Than 30 Years Experience
We are a client-focused firm based in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, and representing clients throughout the state. We offer legal counsel and representation to persons injured due to the negligence [...]
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Hurricane Season
We’re almost at the end of another humid Florida summer, and that means hurricane season. It’s a time to think about picking up emergency supplies and making sure everyone in [...]
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Truck Accidents In South Florida
Semi-trucks and tractor-trailers can weigh 20-to-30 times more than the average automobile; even a large pickup or an SUV is no match for that kind of size and weight.
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Distracted Driving Is Dangerous
Despite the Florida law against texting while driving, about half of all motorists confess to using their cell phones to text or email while driving.
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Bicycling Dangers
In the majority of bicycle accident cases, the fault lies with the vehicle driver, not the bicyclist. If you are injured in a bicycle crash in south Florida, and the [...]
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