The Documents You Need To Have A Strong Personal Injury Lawsuit

If you end up injured because another person was careless here in South Florida, the law entitles you to full compensation for all of your injury-related expenses: medical bills, lost income, compensation for personal pain and suffering, and all related losses and damages.

In most of these cases – and especially if your injuries are serious and you are seeking the maximum available compensation – an injury victim will require a car accident attorney’s legal advice and assistance.

If another person’s negligence injures you here in Florida, and if you file a personal injury claim, you will need to prove these three points:

1. You were injured.
2. The other party’s negligence was a direct cause of your personal injury or injuries.
3. You’re entitled under the law to the reimbursement that you’re seeking.


How do attorneys prove personal injury claims? Prevailing with a personal injury claim usually means having evidence that proves your claim is true and having a lawyer who organizes and presents the evidence effectively.

You will need both to prevail. The best personal injury lawyer can’t do anything for you with no evidence in support of your claim. On the other hand, convincing evidence can’t convince anyone unless an attorney can present the evidence effectively.

In South Florida, if you become injured because someone else was careless in a vehicle crash or any other type of accident scenario, after you obtain medical treatment, schedule a consultation immediately to discuss your rights with a reliable West Palm Beach personal injury attorney.


What accidents are “personal injury” accidents? An injury claim may arise from any mishap where someone is injured due to someone else’s carelessness, negligence, or irresponsibility, including:

1. traffic accidents
2. slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accidents on public or private property
3. dog bites and other animal attacks
4. swimming pool and boating accidents
5. birth-related injuries and other incidents of medical malpractice
6. construction mishaps and certain other work-related accidents

Your accident lawyer will handle the legal side of your case, but the second requirement for prevailing with an injury claim – having the evidence that proves your claim is true – requires some of your own effort and initiative.

A personal injury lawyer won’t be present at an accident scene to give you advice. That is when you must take the steps to gather some of the most critical evidence you may need.


Listed here are the measures that you must try to take if you are injured by a negligent driver in a vehicle crash, but if you’re injured by someone else’s carelessness in any kind of accident, you must try to obtain insurance details, witness statements, and photos.

After a traffic collision:

1. If anyone is injured, call paramedics to the scene. If you do not think you are injured, have a medical exam anyway – within twenty-four hours.

2. Summon the local police. Ask when and how you may obtain a print-out of the accident report.

3. Share your full contact and insurance information with the other motorist.

4. Take plenty of photos of the vehicles, the general location, and your visible injuries.

5. Try to get the names and contact details of any witnesses. Your lawyer may want to ask them some questions.


A medical exam is imperative subsequent to any accident: a traffic crash, a sports accident, a serious fall, a jolt to the head, or a dog bite. You may feel great – it doesn’t matter. You may still have suffered a hard-to-detect or latent injury.

Should you suffer a personal injury or injuries, a medical exam may be the only proof that you were hurt in a particular accident and due to a particular party’s carelessness. Minus that medical exam, your claim may be difficult or impossible to prove.


If a latent injury emerges days or weeks after an accident as a serious medical condition, it could endanger your health. Without that immediate medical examination, you may not be able to prove how you were injured.

In some accident scenarios, law enforcement will not be summoned. If you trip and fall in a restaurant or a supermarket, you may sustain a serious injury, but it probably will not be a matter for the police.

Nevertheless, most large retailers, hotels, restaurants, and attractions – along with schools, corporate offices, and large public facilities – want you to fill out an accident report if you are injured while you are on their properties. Complete the form and make sure that you get a copy.

Photos and eyewitness statements can help you prevail with your personal injury claim. The more documents you can gather and offer as evidence, the better.


The right documentation often means a swift, out-of-court settlement.

Make and keep copies of each document connected to the accident and your personal injury: hospital and doctor bills, the police accident report, medical testing results, insurance papers, receipts – any document related to the case.

Your lawyer will also have to have a copy of your own auto insurance policy, proof of any lost income, and copies of anything sent to you by the defendant’s attorney or insurance company.


Florida’s personal injury laws are complicated. Nothing is more important than your future and your health. If you become injured in South Florida because someone else was careless, you will need to be advised and represented by a trustworthy accident lawyer.

An experienced personal injury attorney can provide a no-obligation, no-cost first legal consultation, so it costs nothing to speak to an attorney and find out more.

If you are injured by negligence in the West Palm Beach area, make the call as soon as you’ve been examined by a healthcare professional. If you and your attorney proceed with legal action, you will pay no attorney’s fee until you receive the compensation you deserve and need.

Your health is your highest priority. If you are injured because another person has been negligent, speak to a good injury attorney at once. Your health and your future may depend on it.