How Experts Help with a Slip and Fall Case

If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall case, also referred to as trip and fall, then you may be entitled to compensation. As a slip and fall law firm, we can tell you that property owners are required to maintain their grounds in a way that’s reasonably safe from danger for visitors. This includes commercial properties, public properties, and residential properties. It can be a challenge to prove the cause of a slip and fall in court. This is why it’s important to have experts involved in the case to ensure the best outcome possible for the client.

Hiring an Attorney

When you’ve been injured in a slip and fall case, it’s crucial that you act quickly when taking legal action. An experienced slip and fall attorney will not make the mistake of failing to enlist the help of a premises liability expert because they think the case is clear-cut. When consulting with a slip and fall attorney to take your case be sure to ask about their record and experience with similar cases. Check reviews for the attorney online to make sure they are a reputable professional that can help you with your case.

Expert Witnesses

Once you’ve hired a skilled attorney that has experience with slip and fall cases, they will promptly send an expert to the premise where the injury occurred to examine the scene. The expert will examine and assess the condition of the premise. They will preserve evidence and investigate the accident. Physicians and other expert witnesses may become involved to lend credibility and expertise to your case.

It may appear to you that the premise was obviously not maintained properly, but without an expert witness, you may have trouble proving the claim in court. An expert will examine the conditions of the premise, take measurements, and other necessary steps for collecting evidence to pinpoint the exact cause of the accident to present in court.

Don’t Wait to File a Lawsuit

Should the injured person wait too long to hire an attorney then the premise owner may realize their fault and have repairs made before an expert can be called to the scene. For example, let’s say that someone was walking down a poorly lit hallway in their apartment building and tripped on torn carpeting. The person fell and incurred medical bills due to the injury. If the person waited too long to hire an attorney, then the landlord may notice the error of his/her ways and have the light bulbs changed and carpet repaired. By the time an attorney involves an expert to assess the premise, the evidence may already be gone. The case would have been stronger if the injured person had immediately consulted an attorney and an expert sent to gather evidence of the poorly maintained and unsafe premise.

The law also provides a limited time frame in which a slip and fall case can be filed in Florida’s civil courts. Florida Statutes section 95.11(3) states that a person has four years from the date of the accident to file their lawsuit. The sooner you file the lawsuit, the better chance you have of enabling expert witnesses to help with your case. For the best outcome, don’t wait to file your lawsuit in a slip and fall case.


A recent Washington Post article asks whether or not cruise ships are doing enough to protect passengers and whether existing regulations are strong enough to ensure passenger safety. One passenger, for example, almost drowned in the undertow of a pool on a Carnival cruise ship after going down a large slide. After she desperately cried for help and someone from the staff finally rescued her, Carnival offered her a $100 coupon. If you are injured in any way on a cruise ship – by slipping and falling, by food poisoning or any other illness, or even if you’re injured in the swimming pool, you deserve better than a discount coupon. If you’re hurt on a cruise ship, now or in the future, speak at once with an experienced West Palm Beach premises liability lawyer.

Cruise industry officials have avoided aggressive government regulation by self-regulating and asking the public to trust them. The industry even adopted its own “Passenger Bill of Rights” as a public relations and marketing tool and as a “feel good” measure to appease lawmakers. But with the addition of pool slides, rock walls, sporting activities, amusement park-like rides, and numerous other activities on today’s cruise ships, the chances of a serious injury at sea have increased substantially. Moreover, liability for injuries at sea is often limited by the terms of the cruise ticket, by federal maritime laws, and by the possibility of having to sue in a foreign jurisdiction. The problems are compounded by a lack of adequate medical care aboard many cruise ships.

In the state of Florida, property and business owners are responsible to keep their properties safe from the kinds of hazards that can cause accidents and injuries. If you’re injured on another person’s property because of a property owner’s negligence – a failure to keep the property safe – you may be legally entitled to compensation for your medical treatment, lost wages, and other injury-related expenses.

Of course, nothing in the law exempts you from your basic responsibility to look out for yourself. Florida law actually protects property and business owners in some cases where the dangerous condition that has caused an injury was a condition “open and obvious” for all to see. However, don’t ever assume that the reason you were injured was “open and obvious” before talking to an experienced premises liability attorney.

If you’re injured while on a cruise ship, you’re going to need the help of a knowledgeable and experienced premises liability attorney. Seek medical treatment as quickly as possible, then contact a good premises liability lawyer. Keep all medical records and document any injuries that you have by taking pictures if possible. It may be helpful to keep a diary of how you feel on a daily basis so you have proof of your injury’s seriousness. Your attorney will need to gather evidence and witness statements as quickly as possible, while evidence is fresh and memories are still recent. After being injured, if you’re anywhere in the south Florida area, speak at once with an experienced West Palm Beach premises liability attorney.


Florida is known as a magnet for horse-lovers and their magnificent horses. Outside of the major cities, horse farms and equestrian communities are abundant; Floridians love horses, and those who don’t own one still love to ride them. Cities line Florida’s extensive coast, but with so much open land in the interior of the state, it’s imperative for those who enjoy horses to practice their passion with caution. Nevertheless, no matter how safely you ride, an accident is always possible, and so are serious injuries. Many will remember the tragic 1995 accident that injured and eventually killed actor Christopher Reeves, who was an exceptionally experienced rider. Here are some ways that you can avoid the most common kinds of horseback riding accidents:

  • Ride where it’s familiar and safe; always maintain control of your horse.
  • Anticipate and stay away from whatever might spook a horse.
  • Ride a horse appropriate to your skill level.
  • Make certain that the stirrups and saddle are secured.
  • Always wear boots, a safety vest, and a helmet.

If despite your best efforts at safety you’re nevertheless injured while horseback riding, seek medical attention immediately. Depending on how the incident occurred, you may be able to obtain reimbursement for your medical treatment, lost wages, and other injury-related expenses.

If you’ve been injured by another person’s negligence and you file a personal injury claim, you might be asked to submit to an independent medical examination or “IME.” This examination allows the defendant in your personal injury case to learn about the nature and extent of your injuries. The exam is arranged basically for the defendant’s benefit; both sides have the right to all information pertinent to the case.

You may feel defensive when you’re being examined by a doctor who essentially represents the person you’re suing. Don’t. If you’ve been genuinely injured and you’ve been truthful, you have no need to exaggerate any facts or hide any details. Be honest with the doctor about your injuries and your medical history. You can help to ensure the IME goes smoothly simply by being on time, polite, and cooperative. Be early – any time you visit a doctor who’s never seen you before, there’s going to be preliminary paperwork. When describing the nature of your injuries, be as precise as you can possibly be. Don’t exaggerate; simply discuss your injuries in a way that gives the doctor a clear understanding of the pain or sensations you are experiencing.

In south Florida, let an experienced West Palm Beach personal injury attorney handle your personal injury claim, and always consult with that attorney before participating in any medical test or procedure related to your personal injury.

If you’ve been injured while horseback riding anywhere in south Florida, contact an experienced West Palm Beach personal injury attorney who can evaluate your case and offer the reliable legal counsel you need. If you pursue a personal injury claim, a good personal injury lawyer will direct you through the legal process and advocate aggressively for the maximum compensation you deserve. Horseback riding injuries can be catastrophic; take them seriously and put your personal safety first. If you’re injured while horseback riding in south Florida, speak to an experienced West Palm Beach personal injury attorney as quickly as possible.